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Choosing NFC Tag Type That Is Right For The Application

Choosing NFC tag type for the application is important and goes a long way. It’s about application. Below are a few suggestions on how choosing the right NFC tag.

Think Application

Depending on the application, it’s all about the available user memory when choosing NFC tag type that is right for the application.

NFC tags comes with variable memory space. The type of the NFC chip used determines how much memory an NFC tag has. The most important is the user memory. This tells you how much user information can be packed in. NFC tags chips such as NTAG203 and NTAG213 have a small user memory. The NTAG215 and NTAG216 have a larger memory.

Why does this matter? It comes to what and how much information you would like to write in the NFC tag. NTAG203 and NTAG213 allows around up to 140 characters. 140 characters may seem a lot but it’s really not. These NFC chips are suited for single actions such as website link or a few tasks. The NTAG216 packs up to 888 bytes or 850 characters of information. Do you see the difference?

If you don’t want to be limited, it’s a better idea to choose an NFC tag with a larger memory like the NTAG216.

Think Maximum Utility

Knowing the application of the NFC tag really helps.The second most important is making the most out of it.

NFC tags with a larger memory space simply can pack more bits of information. This could be an advantage on most occasions. Let’s take an example. You decide to use an NFC tag as part of a printed product ad. The NFC tag can store product information via a website link, a product video that opens up in YouTube, include a customer support number or email for people to contact, a social media touch point and many more.

The more information makes sense but it really depends on the application. I encourage people to include as much information as possible in TagThose Paws Pet Tags. In this case, the more ways to contact the pet’s owner increases the chances of returning a lost pet back at home. I design NFC tags for a particular purpose and suggest to make the most out of it.

The TagThose ID sticker is a good example. The primary purpose is for the owner’s contact details. Now, depending on the object such as a road bike, you can also write information about the bike. This information could be a link to the user guide, the type of tire used, tire pressure, user settings such as seat ¬†position or customer service support from the manufacturer.

A rule of thumb I used is asking what information is useful for the application. If it’s important, write it in. A convenient character about NFC tags is they are rewritable. You can update as often as you like. This requires an NFC app and are easy to use.


Think Application

Your intended application will decide how much memory you will need.


Get The Most Out Of It

Make the most out of the available memory space by adding more essential information.

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