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NFC Tag Sticker Layers

It’s important to know what type of surface and environment your NFC tag is going to be exposed to. This determines which type of NFC tag sticker layers you are going to need for your application. Here are a few simple questions you need to ask when selecting the right sticker.

The first question is what environment are you going to use them on. Are you going to use the sticker outdoors or indoors? Outdoor applications requires a resilient material such as PET or PVC. These materials are tougher and can withstand a fair amount of punishment from the elements such as water or sunlight.

The second is what type of surface are you going to stick it on. The important question you need to ask “is the surface made out of metal”? If it’s not metal, you can use most NFC sticker tags on the market. If the surface is metal, a special layer is needed for the NFC tag to work. The NFC tag is not going to work, if this anti metal layer is missing. This anti metal layer can be up to 0.5mm in thickness. Having this additional layer does bring a small price premium but it is worth it.

Play it safe and choose NFC tag stickers with an anti metal layer when you are not sure what surface they are going on. This brings peace of mind and greater flexibility on your intended applications. It’s perfect for field service operators that use NFC tags to write or access information.

The short video clip below shows why knowing the type of surface is important. NFC tags without an anti metal do not work on metal surfaces.

Selecting the right NFC tag sticker layers


Indoor OR Outdoor Application?

Choose NFC tags that are finished in PET or PVC material. The materials are resilient to elements such as the sun and water.


Is The Surface Metal?

Choose an NFC tag sticker with an anti metal layer for it to work.

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