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So you’re thinking about buying NFC tags but not sure where to start? Buy NFC tags Australia order guide tries to make the decision easier. If you want to skip the guide, give us a call or send a message instead.

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Types of NFC Products

NFC tags come in all shapes, sizes and forms. Most tags are multipurpose use so they perform many functions. Some tags are more for specific use such as laundry tags. The right product depends on how it is going to be used so it’s worth knowing the environment it operates in.

The operational environment is going to determine the correct product type, material and finish. Here are a few questions we suggest to ask yourself.

  1. Is for outdoors or indoors or both?
  2. What elements is it going to be exposed to (rain, dirt or dust)?
  3. Does it need to be resistant to scratching or abrasion?

Below are the most common NFC tags in the market. If there is particular tag you are after, send us a message.

Common NFC Tags

StickersStickers are the most common and widely used NFC tags. They come in a variety of shapes such as round, rectangle, square and custom shapes. Additional finishes such as soft epoxy are available. They adhere to most smooth surfaces and conform to gentle or moderate surface curves. Metal and carbon fiber surfaces require a sticker to have an antimetal layer. Without this layer, it doesn’t work. This is because of conductivity.
Rigid Tags/CardsRigid tags/cards cover a wide range of product options. It is because of the PVC plastic base material. PVC is able to be transformed into many shapes. It is a durable material and tolerates moderate to high amount of stress. It’s used in a variety of applications. Common products are cards, key fobs/tag, ID tags, clothing tags, PCB or ABS tags.
OthersOther NFC products are more specialised and limited in what they can do. These are commonly used in asset, warehouse and equipment management or access keys. Some of the products are wristbands that comes in a few materials such as silicone, nylon, fabric, disposable or plastic with a fixed size or adjustable such as a strap.
Are you going to order plain PVC tags? Will you print on them? Is your answer yes? Please let us know. We use different product specifications so your tags remain functional and better printing results.
NFC PVC Sticker
Rigid Sticker Hard Epoxy
NFC Laundry Tag
Laundry Tag
NFC Wristband
Silicone Wristband

Select Chip

Chip Types

Choosing the right chip for the application is important because it is going to save you money. Generally, chips with high memory capacity or specialised are more expensive. Chips with less memory are cheaper. Knowing how much memory is needed for your application guides you to a particular chip. Your NFC reader also guides you to the chip you can use.

An NFC reader may only read a small range of chips. A reader could be a smartphone, hardware connected to a computer or a special device. Refer to the user guide because it tells you which chips it can read. From experience, we found smartphones only read a few certain chips such the Type 2 NTAG series.

NFC Inlay Sticker
Type 2 ChipNTAG213NTAG215NTAG216
User Memory144504888
URL Characters132492854
Text Characters132490852

The Type 2 NTAG series is compatible with most NFC enabled smartphones. This is the chip we commonly use in all our products and recommend for non specialised functions. The NTAG213 is sufficient in most applications such as limited plain text or website URL. If you’re not sure which chip to use, we recommend the NTAG216. We would recommend to test tags so you know which one is right before committing to a large quantity order.

Click to see other chip options

ISO15693 Chip: ICODE
SLI (1Kb)
SLI-X (1Kb)
SLI-S (2Kb)
SLI-L (512b)

ISO18000-3M3/ EPC Class-1 chip: ICODE

Type 2: NTAG
213 (144 Bytes)
215 (504 Bytes)
216 (888 Bytes)

MIFARE Ultralight®
EV1(48 Bytes)
Ultralight® C (148 Bytes)

Type 4: MIFARE®
DESFire® EV1 2K, EV1 4K, EV1 8K

Classic® (1K Bytes, 4K Bytes)

Plus® (1K,2K,4K)

(MIFARE, MIFARE Plus, MIFARE Ultralight are registered trademarks of NXP B.V. and are used under license )

Select Material & Options

Available Materials & Options

Choosing the right material is important. It increases the tags life span by protecting it from environmental stresses such as water spray, dust and dirt.  The right material also protects the important elements of the tag such as the chip and antenna from damage so it remains functional. Optional layers provides additional functionality and protection.

The material surface matters for some products. A product such as stickers will not function on a metal or carbon fiber surface. These surfaces prohibits the necessary energy to power up the tag. An antimetal layer is needed when encountering the surface above. Without it, the tag fails to work.

Other Plastic or CompositeYESYES

These are the most common materials listed above. Depending on the product application, other materials are available.

Antimetal LayerEssential if stickers are placed on metal or carbon fiber surfaces.
Soft EpoxyThis allows limited flex of the base material. It is used commonly on stickers.
Hard EpoxyThis finish is rigid and increases strength of the tag.
Surface FinishChoose either Gloss or Matte.

Optional layers provide additional functionality, product protection and may increase increase visual appeal.

BarcodeA barcode type is printed on the tag such as code128 or QR.
UIDThis is the unique serial number of the tag.
Logo/ArtworkA full colour logo or artwork is printed on the tag surface.
TextYour custom text or number is printed.

Custom orders are printed in full colour with no colour limit. The common printing method is 4 colour process (CYMK). Other methods are available.

buy NFC tags Australia
Antimetal Layer
buy NFC tags Australia
Hard Epoxy Layer
buy NFC tags Australia
Barcode Printing

Essential Order Information

Below are the essential order information we need to proceed with a quote or go into production.

  1. Product Type such as stickers
  2. Quantity in pieces
  3. Chip Type such NTAG2**
  4. Material
  5. Surface Finish
  6. Additional Layers/Finish such antimetal or epoxy (if applicable)
  7. Attachments (if applicable)
  8. Printing requirements such as barcodes (if applicable)
  9. Other requirements such as punched holes (if applicable)
All custom orders must meet minimum quantity requirement. Lead and delivery time apply to all orders. A deposit maybe required before an order is moved to production.

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