NFC Information

NFC Making Connections

When a phone or device has an NFC feature, what does it really mean?

NFC tap technology makes your smart phone smarter. Making connections to objects, people and information is made more convenient. It also enhances experiences around your physical environment.


What does NFC stand for?

NFC is short for Near Field Communication. NFC is triggered when your smartphone is right beside a terminal or NFC tag. Tapping the terminal or tag is the most common way of interaction. You have absolute control over what you want to connect to.

NFC No App No Battery Drain

What do I  need to use NFC in my phone?

You don’t need an app or codes to enter when using NFC. It is part of a smart phone or device hardware. It also doesn’t drain your battery.

Enable NFC

How do I enable or access NFC?

Simply go to your settings menu and look for NFC option. Turn it on you’re ready to go. Some phones have a short way of turning on the NFC feature. Refer to your phone manufacturer’s user manual.

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NFC Mark

What does this mark mean?

The NFC mark means that you can interact with it. Tapping the mark activates an action, transaction or experience. You will find the mark on devices with an NFC feature, apps supporting NFC and on touchpoints in your physical environment.

NFC Touch Point “Sweet Spot”

Where is the NFC touch point located on my phone?

The location of your phone’s NFC touch point or “sweet spot” varies by manufacturer. It is commonly found at the back or top of your phone.

NFC Information

Where is it used?

The most common use for NFC is payments and transport. This could either be contactless or mobile payment. Westpac, Commonwealth and Apple Pay all use NFC for their mobile payment. The NSW Opal Card for public transport uses the same technology.

NFC and Bluetooth

How is NFC different from Bluetooth?

Bluetooth removes the need for cables to connect devices with each other. NFC is designed to work alongside Bluetooth. A simple tap can pair NFC and NFC enabled Bluetooth devices.

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