NFC Pet Tags

NFC Pet Tags

Have you tagged your fur kid?​

It doesn’t take much for your puppy, dog or pet to get lost. It is as simple as forgetting to close the garden gate or front door. It is one of the most stressful situation as a pet owner. Your stress levels are possibly even higher if it’s not tagged or microchipped. Our NFC pet tags may come handy in such a stressful situation.

NFC Pet Tags

How Does It Work?

Our NFC smart pet tag works by storing your pet’s information in the tag. This could be a phone number, house address or microchip number.

NFC Pet Tags

Instruction On The Back

We designed the backside of the tags to communicate a short instruction for someone who finds your lost pet. This instruction is the same across the entire pet tag range.

NFC Pet Tags

Recalling The Information

The information is recalled by tapping the tag with an NFC enabled smartphone. You select an option and the smart phone launches it with the right service or app.


The smart pet tags are labbytough! They are waterproof so the fur kid can swim in water until it’s time for a nap. The tag still works even after being exposed to tough activities. Mia, our female chief quality tester, has put tags through the wringer. She said they don’t look as pretty after but they still work.

Affordable & Affordable

The tags are affordable and affordable to run. The cost is less than ten dollars which includes preconfiguring your pet’s custom data or cheaper if you do it yourself. There are also no ongoing costs because the tag doesn’t use button batteries and no monthly subscription service to sign up to.