NFC Promotional Products

NFC promotional products are a little different because they are functional. It’s their ability to store information that makes them functional and unique. A tag can store information about product and services along with business touch points. NFC based promo products essentially gives potential leads the business take away while providing useful information.

NFC Promotional Products
NFC Merchandise
NFC Promotional Products

Do you need ideas to get you started?

What makes a good giveaway?

We think a good giveaway is the one that sticks, gets used, gets seen and goes around everywhere. This is why NFC products such as key fobs, magnets, stickers and hang tags are ideal for using as promo products.

Do You Need A Special Shape?

Make your NFC promo products a little bit more special by having a custom shape. This makes it stand out more and may go better with your branding. Custom shapes are possible with stickers and PVC plastic.

Options. Options. Options.

There are plenty of options on how an NFC promo product may look like. The finish could be either gloss or matte, an epoxy finish to make it look more appealing or an attachment for a key fob are just a few examples.

NFC Promotional Products
NFC Promotional Products
NFC Promotional Products

There is a minimum order quantity for all NFC promotional and custom branded products.

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