Missing Pupperina

Have you tagged your furry BFF?

  • Your side garden gate was left open. Your pet is not responding and can’t be found at your house.
  • Someone forgot to close the gate at a local fenced dog park. A few dogs make a quick exit including yours.
  • Your pet wants to go the opposite direction during your walk. It yanks the lead and its collar slips out of their neck.


It doesn’t take much and it’s probably a stressful situation as a pet owner. Your stress levels are going to be higher if it’s not tagged or microchipped. TagThose Paws NFC smart pet tags comes handy in such situations because it’s easier to contact you.

How does it work?

NFC smart pet tags works by storing bits of information in the tag. You can include all your contact information and more. This information is recalled and displayed when it is tapped with a smartphone that has an NFC feature. The finder of your lost pet then selects an option to connect with you. It’s simple and convenient.

Dog TagDog Tag
No Batteries Required

NFC smart pet tags doesn’t run on batteries so there is no ongoing.

Easy Access

It takes 3 steps or less to connect with the pet’s owner. Tap and simply select how to get in touch!


The stored information can updated. Just download an NFC app or we can help.

More Is Better

The NFC chip used has plenty of space that allows you to store more bits of information.

NFC Smart Pet Tags In Action

What Bits Of Information Can Be Stored?

Multiple Numbers

Space for multiple phone numbers such your family or relatives.

Home Address

The pet’s home address opens in a map app such Google Maps and ready for navigation.


Adding an email address is another point of contact.

Social Connect

Put a social media link so there is another way of reaching you.

Custom Message

Why not add a custom message? Think funny or an incentive.


Provide additional information such as your pet’s vet information or allergies.

Mia with TagThose Paws Bone Tag “PINK”

TagThose Paws NFC Smart Pet Tags Range

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Includes preconfiguring your pet’s information & delivery!

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Bone NFC Dog Tags

TagThose Paws Bone Tag “PINK”

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40mm Diameter Large NFC Pet Tags

TagThose Paws “Black” 40mm
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