Missing Puppy

HELP! MIssing Puppy.

Have you tagged your fur kid?

It doesn’t take much for your puppy or dog to get lost. It is as simple as forgetting to close the garden gate or garage door. It’s probably one of the most stressful situation as a pet owner. Your stress levels are even higher if it’s not tagged or microchipped. TagThose Paws NFC smart pet tags comes handy in such situations.

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TagThose NFC Smart Pet Tag

More Information

You can store different types of information. There is plenty of space for multiple types such as 2 phone numbers. It’s also reprogrammable! Add or update the information inside.


With an NFC enabled smartphone, there is nothing to download or an app to open. It takes no more than 3 steps to start connecting to a pet’s information.

Value For Money

There are no ongoing costs because the NFC smart tag doesn’t use batteries or need a subscription service. It doesn’t drain your smartphone’s battery. It’s also waterproof.

How does it work?

NFC smart pet tags work by storing bits of information in the tag. It allows you to store different types information. It’s up to you to decide what information is stored.

You recall the stored information by tapping the smart pet tag with a smartphone that has an NFC feature. After tapping it, all the information is displayed on the smartphone. You simply choose how to connect with the owner of the lost pet. It’s simple and convenient.

TagThose Paws NFC Smart Pet Tags

NFC Smart Pet Tag In Action

Connecting Made Simple. All the information is on your palm.


We designed the backside of the NFC smart tags to communicate a clear instruction to someone who may find a lost pet with an NFC smart tag. This instruction makes sure a finder of a lost pet knows exactly what to do.

The NFC mark on the tag lets people know that you can interact with. It’s a mark that is becoming more known.

TagThose Paws 30mm Diameter NFC Pet Tag “BLACK”

What Bits Of Information Can Be Stored?

Relax and pat your dog because we configure all the information in the tag for you!

Multiple Numbers

Space for multiple phone numbers such your family or relatives.

Home Address

The pet’s home address opens in a map app such Google Maps and ready for navigation.


Add an email address for another point of contact.

Social Connect

Include a social media link so there is another way of reaching you.

Custom Message

Why not add a custom message? Think funny or an incentive.


Provide additional information such as your pet’s vet information or allergies.

Custom Message


Leave a custom message in the tag.  The type of message is totally up to you. You can make it funny, silly or serious. Offering an incentive for the finder of your lost fur kid is also a good idea. It may get home faster.

Make the tag more informative. You can have a separate message that shows information such as allergies, microchip number or things that your fur kid is scared off.

Got an Apple? iPhone 7 onwards with the iOS 11.** are able to read NFC tags. You will need an NFC app. Download one in an app store.

Mia with TagThose Paws Bone Tag “PINK”

TagThose Paws NFC Smart Pet Tag Range

“Mia” Series

Smart Pet Tag “Frangipani” Mia Series

“Loumia” Series

Smart Pet Tag NFC DOG ID

“Bone” Series

Smart Pet Tag “Pink” Bone Series

“Vivi” Series 30

Smart Pet Tag “Blue” Vivi Series 30mm

“Vivi” Series 40

Smart Pet Tag “Blue” Vivi Series 40mm
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