NFC Sticker Tags

NFC Sticker Tags are a smart and convenient solution for many everyday problems.

How Does It Work?

You have a product demo video you want to show customers in the store.

Do You Have A Menu?

You have a food menu that you want customers to download.

How Can I Contact You?

You want to give customers information about your business.

Where's the manual?

It’s time to change your road bikes tyre. You don’t know the correct size to get.

NFC sticker tags store bits of information that provides a solution for problems.

How Do NFC Sticker Tags Work?

NFC Sticker Tags work by storing bits of information. This information could be a link to a website, a brand social media account, the physical address of a cafe, a contact number or a product demo video on YouTube. The type of information is only limited by the software used to write the information. The information is recalled by interacting with the NFC tag sticker. You recall by tapping or waving a smartphone above an NFC tag. It’s this simple.

The tags can also be used to automate smartphone tasks. This works by automatically executing specific mobile tasks in the phone. Task such as turning on Bluetooth, composing an email, launching a location, adding an event to a calendar and many more. All these tasks are done automatically after interacting with a tag. It’s simply convenient!

TagThose NFC Sticker
A tag is used to connect a customer to an online product brochure.

The video shows a product demo that turns a static poster into an interactive one.

Affordable. Easy To Deploy. Good Value.

Where Are You Sticking It?

The type of surface will determine the correct type of sticker. The important question to ask “is the surface metal”? If the surface is metal, you will need a sticker with an anti metal layer. NFC sticker tags on metal surfaces without an anti metal layer will not work.

An NFC Tool app is required to write information in NFC sticker tags. Download one for free in the Play Store.
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