Special NFC Stickers Australia

Our special NFC stickers Australia designed stickers makes calling important community phone numbers easy. Each sticker design is associated with a government service, specialist organisation, non profit organisation, special interest group or vital information. The contact number is printed on the sticker and programmed in the tag. All you have to do is tap the tag with an mobile phone with an NFC feature that is enabled. If you don’t have a mobile phone with NFC, call the number printed on the tag.

How Does It Work?

Mobile With NFC

Use a phone with an NFC function that is enabled. Do this in the settings menu. If you don’t have a phone with NFC, call the phone number printed on the tag.

Unlock & Tap

Unlock your mobile and tap the tag. The NFC antenna is at the top or back of the phone. Wait until the stored phone number is launched in your mobile’s display.

Select Service & Call

Select which phone service or app is going to make the call. Choose the most reliable method and press the button to make the call. This may happen automatically.
NFC Stickers Australia

Current Range

Important Information About The Phone Numbers

Emergency Number: Triple Zero (000)

Call triple zero ONLY in an emergency situation. Examples of an emergency situation:

  • A person or people are seriously injured or in need of urgent medical help
  • A person’s life or your life or property is being threatened
  • You just witnessed first hand a serious accident or crime

Keep a few things in mind when calling triple zero

  • You should try as much as possible to stay calm, speak slowly and clearly. Try not to shout.
  • Do you need the service of the police, fire or ambulance?
  • Provide with as much accuracy of where the emergency is located. A good start is the state. Is it New South Wales or Queensland? What is the suburb, if you know it? Can you see a road sign or recall the road you are on? Are you able to see any numbers on buildings located along the road? Are there any noticeable landmarks? Providing as much information is important because it may speed up the arrival of emergency services to your location!

Good to know

  • Call triple zero in both fixed or mobiles phones
  • If triple zero doesn’t work, call 112
  • You don’t need credit when calling triple zero or 112
  • In most cases, you don’t need to unlock your mobile phone to dial triple zero or 112
  • Your mobile uses any available network to make the emergency call
  • If there is no mobile coverage, you are not able to make an emergency call
  • A satellite phone is needed when there is no mobile network
  • An emergency app for your mobile device is available by clicking HERE

Crime Numbers

If you are in a dangerous or life threatening situation call Triple Zero (000)

For non-emergency situations call Police on 131 444

If you see a crime, report it anonymously to Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000

National Security Hotline

The national security hotline is the number to call on potential signs of terrorism and issues that could relate to national security.

Each call is taken seriously and you have the choice of remaining anonymous.

The National Security Hotline is 1800 123 400.

Health and Medical

In a health or medical emergency situation where an ambulance is needed, call Triple Zero (000)

If you need free advice on health from trained clinicians, call Health Direct on 1800 022 222

If you suspect that poisoning has occurred from either chemicals, medicines, plants or animals, call the Poison Hotline on 13 11 26

Natural Disasters

If you need help as a result of flood, storm or tsunami, call the State Emergency Service (132 500)