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NFC Stickers

NFC stickers are the most capable tags for a variety of applications. They come in many shapes, sizes, variety and surface finishes. Stickers will go on most surfaces even metal and carbon fiber. They tolerate a fair amount of environmental stress such as water splashes, dust and abrasion.

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Affordable. Easy To Deploy.

A variety of finishes

Stickers come in a variety of materials and surface finishes. The most common materials are paper and polymer such as PET or PVC. This forms the base of the sticker. The surface comes in either gloss or matte. Soft epoxy is an additional option that adds protection and visual appeal.

Where are you sticking it?

Knowing the surface of where a sticker goes on is important. Metal and carbon fiber surfaces requires NFC stickers to have an anti metal layer added to it. This enables the sticker to be read. Without this layer, a sticker is useless on a metal or carbon fiber surface.

How do you want it?

NFC stickers come in many shapes, sizes and form. Round, rectangular and square shapes are the most common. The size can be small such as a 10mm diameter round or as large an 80mm diameter. Stickers can also come in a rigid base such as PVC.

Anti Metal NFC Sticker WHITE 30mm Diameter
TagThose Multipurpose NFC Sticker
Play Video 40mm Diameter Business NFC Sticker

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