NFC Tag Questions

NFC Tag Questions

NFC tag questions that are commonly asked are listed below for your reference. We continually add more entries when we or our customers comes across anything new.

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Can I rewrite new information on an NFC tag?

Yes. You will need to download an NFC app to write new information. Find our partner’s app in Google Playstore.

Can I read an NFC tag behind glass?

Yes. You are can read an NFC tag behind glass. Providing that the glass is not too thick.

How do I read an NFC tag?

Make sure you have NFC enabled in your phone. Tap or hold your phone directly above an NFC tag. Wait for a moment until all the information and possible actions are displayed in your phone.

How far do I have to hold my phone to read an NFC tag?

Tapping your phone directly above a NFC tag gives you a good result. Depending on the type of NFC tag, the range is usually no more than 10cm. Tagthose recommends to tap or hold your phone as close as possible to the NFC tag for the best result.

Do I need an app to read and write on an NFC tag?

No. You don’t need an app to read an NFC tag. Enable the feature on your phone and tap an NFC tag to read it. Most mid to high end Android based phones have the NFC feature. Apple users with the iPhone 7 model and later will need an app to read NFC tags.

Yes. You will need an app to write in an NFC tag. Download the app of our partner called NFC Tools in Google Play.

Can I read or stick an NFC tag on metal surfaces?

Yes. You can read an NFC tag on a metal surface. This NFC tag usually has a special layer to allow you to read the NFC tag.

You can stick an NFC tag on metal surfaces, if the NFC tag has an anti-metal layer. Otherwise, it is strongly suggested to not stick a non anti-metal NFC tag on metal surfaces.

Are files stored in the NFC tag?

An NFC tag only has a small amount of memory and can’t store a lot of information. An NFC tag is like a gateway for actions and tasks. This is usually counted in bytes. Think of it as limited characters. For example, you can write a physical address and the Google map apps will show the location.

Does Apple support NFC?

So you have an Apple? iPhone 7 onwards with the iOS 11.** are now able to read NFC tags. You will need an NFC app. Download one in an app store.

I can’t write new information on the NFC tag.

The NFC tag could already be full. You may need to erase the data before you can write new information.

This instruction guides you on how to delete data from an NFC tag. This refers to the NFC Tool app by wakdev.

  1. OPEN the app
  2. SELECT the others tab.
  3. LOOK for the erase tag option and select.
  4. HOLD your smart mobile device directly above the NFC tag to erase the data.
How many records and tasks can I write on an NFC tag?

It depends on the type of NFC tag. Some have more memory than others. You can write as many records or tasks providing it doesn’t go beyond the maximum allowable memory.


What are records and tasks?

Records and tasks are actions that can be written in an NFC tag. The also share a lot of common things.

Sending a message or opening a house address are considered records.

Pairing a specific Bluetooth device or enabling car mode are considered tasks. Tasks are somewhat more related to smart mobile device features.

What does NFC stand for?

NFC stands for Near Field Communication.

How can I reuse an NFC tag without peeling the back of the sticker?

If you don’t want to permanently stick an NFC tag sticker, we suggest using Bluetack or something similar to attach the NFC tag. This way, you can re-stick the NFC tag anywhere when you need to.

I reprogrammed the NFC tag but it keeps opening up a different app.

This sometimes can happen. It is most likely due to a bug in the application you are using.

When executing a record or task that opens another app, try rearranging the order of the records or tasks. This usually fixes the problem from our experience.

Why doesn’t my device read an NFC tag?

Make sure your device has the NFC feature. Most mid to high end Android phones have an NFC feature.

Apple iPhone 7 onwards with the iOS 11.** can now read NFC tags. You need an app at this stage. Download one in an app store.

Enable the NFC feature if your device has it. Find this under in a settings menu.

If your device hasn’t read the NFC tag, try tapping it again.

You may need to remove your device cover to read the tag.

Find the sweet spot in your phone to read NFC tags.

Does tapping an NFC tag again reverse the tasks?

No it does not. The NFC tag is programmed to only execute the specific tasks that were written in it.

If you would like to reverse the same tasks, you need to program another NFC tag that does the reverse. For example, one NFC tag enables Bluetooth and another NFC tag disables it.

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