NFC Tags Australia

NFC tags Australia designed by TagThose. They are original designs for a variety of purposes. The range is growing so come visit again.

How do NFC tags work?

NFC tags work by simply storing bits of information. This information is recalled by tapping a smartphone with an NFC feature that is enabled over an NFC tag. The stored information that can be stored is only limited to the app used to write the information. It’s all about making connections conveniently!


Connect to objects such as a car audio head unit or router that use Bluetooth, WiFi or NFC connections.


Connect to people by sharing your contact details or social media accounts in the NFC tag.


Connect information to people by providing content such as multimedia,social, business touch points and more!

Current NFC Tags Range

NFC Tags Starter Packs

TagThose NFC Tags Starter Packs gets you started with NFC and offer good value. Each pack contains a variety of NFC tags that covers multiple applications.

NFC Tags Sydney

NFC Tags Sydney Starter Pack 


NFC Tags Melbourne

NFC Tags Melbourne Starter Pack 


NFC Sticker Tags

NFC stickers are the most versatile tags. They can come in a variety of forms and designs. Most sticker designs in the market are generic. We design our stickers with a call to action and specific use.

Anti-Metal NFC Tag Sticker

Safe On Metals

30mm Round NFC Sticker

Anti-Metal Layer

1 for $2.20 | 10 for $18.00

TagThose NFC Tag Sticker 30mm


30mm Round NFC Sticker

No Anti-Metal Layer

1 for $2.00 | 10 for $16.00

TagThose NFC ID Sticker

ID Tag

ID NFC Sticker

Anti-Metal Layer

1 for $2.20 | 10 for $18.50

TagThose NFC Sticker

Multi Use

Round NFC Sticker 30mm

No Anti-Metal Layer

1 for $2.05 | 10 for $16.95

Further Volume Discounts Apply

NFC Luggage Tags

The NFC luggage tag is a travel companion for your luggage, bags and other personal belongings. It comes standard with a ring attachment.

TagThose NFC Luggage Tags “Chevron Peaks” with Metal Cable Attachment
Chevron Peaks ModelShown with optional metal cable
TagThose NFC Luggage Tags “Honeycomb Confetti” with Metal Cable Attachment
Honeycomb Confetti ModelShown with optional metal cable

Travel Companion

NFC Luggage Tags

1 for $5.00 | 5 for $16.00

 Further Volume Discounts Apply

NFC Key Tags

The NFC key tag is a multi-use tag. It can be used on keys or personal belongings such handbags or day backpacks. It comes ready with a ring attachment.

TagThose NFC Key Tag


NFC Key Tag 

1 for $5.00 | 5 for $16.00

 Further Volume Discounts Apply

NFC Business Tag

The NFC business tag redefines on how you exchange information. The tag can be used as a VCard or store essential business touchpoints such as social accounts or a website. Exchanging information is made more easier with the TagThose NFC Business Tag.

TagThose NFC Business Tags

Exchanging Info Made Easy

NFC Business Tag 

1 for $5.00 | 5 for $16.00

 Further Volume Discounts Apply


NFC has made pet tags smarter. It stores multiple ways to connect with the owner. All it takes is a tap with an NFC enabled smartphone to start connecting. It takes 3 steps or less. It’s this convenient. Make your furry BFF happy and get one!

FREE NFC Key Tag when you buy any TagThose Paws dog or pet tag!

Bone Dog Tags

NFC Dog Tag

30mm Round Pet Tags

Mia With TagThose Paws 30mm Diameter NFC Pet Tag “GREEN”

Large 40mm Round Pet Tags



Custom Design

Make your next promotion NFC tag enabled. TagThose can custom design NFC tags to meet your needs.

Promotional Products


In Australia when you spend $16 or more

Apple has announced that it will be supporting the reading of NFC tags for the iOS 11+ release in Autumn (Spring for us)! Link Here

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