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NFC tags Australia is the keyword for this page that we struggle to make into a decent sentence for SEO reasons. Instead, we’re more confident in saying that we design our tags for a variety of purposes and also offer generic tags for testing or general use. If you want it your way, we can also custom design tags to try meet your needs and application requirements.

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NFC stickers are the most versatile tags. They can come in many sizes, shapes and forms. Stickers can instantly turn static assets such as display posters into an enriched experience. They can make connecting to information much simpler.

We offer stickers designs for specific purposes, multipurpose use, inlays  and plain stickers for those wanting flexibility. Our printed design stickers have a call to action and simple in design. The anti metal layer sticker range allows stickers to be read on metal and carbon fiber surfaces.

Rigid Tags

NFC Rigid Tags comes in many forms, sizes and shapes. Most tags are made from durable PVC plastic.  This makes it ideal for promotions, branding or when a durability is important because PVC plastic is a durable material. It tolerates a fair amount of stress from abrasions, scratches and moisture such as water splashes.

Additional options for a rigid tag makes it customizable. It comes in a variety of thickness, surface finishes such as epoxy and a variety of attachments.

We offer rigid tags to be used as ID tags, business tags, plain tags for testing and useful key fobs.

NFC Packs

The NFC Packs gets you started with NFC and offers a pretty good value. We combined a selection of our existing products to make up the pack. Our Brisbane starter pack was created for business applications. The Melbourne pack offer tags for travelers. Starter pack products are changed when new products arrive or new application are created.

TagThose NFC Smart Pet Tag

NFC smart pet tags makes finding a lost pet’s owner a little more easier. The tag is able to store a variety of contact information such as multiple phone numbers, home address, email, social account link and custom message such as your pet’s allergy.

The tag makes connecting simpler and more convenient. It takes about 3 steps to start connecting. The information inside can be update when your information changes.

NFC Products Your Way

We offer custom designed NFC products to meet your needs. Whether it is for promotion, branding, information touch point or asset identification, we find ways to satisfy your specific needs.

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