NFC Tags Starter Packs

We take a selection of tags to create our good value NFC Tags Starter Packs.

TagThose NFC Tags Starter Packs are a good introduction to NFC. Each pack contains a variety of NFC tags that covers multiple purposes. Use the tags for their intended purpose such as tagging your stuff with the ID sticker tag or luggage tag. You can also get creative with the application using the general purpose stickers. The packs are simply good value.

Current Selection Of NFC Tag Starter Packs

Our growing range of NFC tags means more NFC starter packs will be created in the future. Check back again soon!


NFC tags opens a world of convenience by letting you easily connect to objects, people & information.


All the included tags are reprogrammable. Simply update when info changes or use it for a whole new application!

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All tags use the NTAG216 chip. It has a large memory space. This flexibility offers better convenience compared to other chips.

Good Value

The NFC starter packs are good value. You save a bit of money. You also benefit from having a good variety of NFC tags.

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