Plain NFC Stickers

Plain NFC Stickers

Plain NFC stickers are useful tags for a variety of applications. They come in many shapes, sizes, variety and surface finishes. They tolerate a fair amount of environmental stress such as water splashes, dust and abrasion. The plain white design is ideal to write on with a good permanent marker.

Plain Stickers

Our plain NFC stickers are just that, plain and white. These stickers are not suitable on metal or carbon fiber surfaces.

Ø27mm, Ø30mm

30x30mm, 40x40mm

Plain Antimetal (AM) Stickers

The plain antimetal NFC stickers are safe to stick on most surfaces including metal and carbon. These are the safe choice, if you don’t know what type of surface material they are going on.

Antimetal stickers are thicker than standard stickers. This is because of the special layer that allows it to work on metal and carbon fiber surfaces. Without this layer, an NFC sticker will not work on these surfaces. The reason is the energy given by a smartphone to power up a tag is lost. The thickness also makes it less flexible when compared to standard stickers. This means it only tolerates moderate surface curves.

Inlay Stickers

These inlay stickers are suitable when you want people to have an NFC experience. Stick them behind posters, documents and more. These sticker are not suitable on metal or carbon fiber surfaces.

It Sticks!

Most of our plain stickers have a 3M adhesive backing. This makes it stick on most surfaces. The release paper is larger than the sticker so it can be peeled off easily. Make sure the surface is clean and dry before sticking it on.

Durable PET or PVC

Plain stickers are usually made from either PET or PVC plastic. These materials make them more durable compared to paper. Most of the stickers have a matte finish to minimise the appearances of scratches.


There is a difference in thickness between common and antimetal stickers. Common stickers are thinner. Antimetal stickers are thicker because of the additional antimetal layer that allows it to work on metal or carbon fiber surfaces.

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