Smart NFC Pet Tag Vivi30 Series 1pc

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  • Round them up with the Smart Pet Tag Vivi30 series
  • Store a variety of your dog’s information in the tag.
  • There is enough memory for multiple contact numbers, home address, email address, social account, custom messages and more.
  • You just need a smartphone with an NFC feature that is enabled (Apple at this stage requires an app) to read an NFC smart pet tag.
  • It takes a tap to recall the information.
  • Stainless steel attachment for durability.
  • It is waterproof.
  • There are no batteries or subscription to sign up to so there are no ongoing cost.
  • It is reprogrammable. You can update or change the stored information. (Requires an NFC App)
  • Suits all size dogs.
  • Original TagThose Design

Owner Name: Lou Velman
Pet Name: Mia
Owner Mobile Number: 04123 456 789
Owner Email: louvel@abc.123
Owner Address: 123 Treat Street, BELLYRUBS HILL 2000 NSW
Pet Instagram: miatagthose
Personal Message: Hi. My name is Mia. If I’m lost, select an option above to find my two leg bestie. He’ll shout you grape juice or cerveza. Thanks for being pawsome!

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NFC Pet Tag

This original design NFC pet tag was released at the same time as the bone NFC dog tag. I wanted a tag so it’s easier to find the home of a lost pet and its owner. My love for pets and animals inspired to do it.

NFC Pet Tags Are Different

More Information

You can store plenty of information in the pet tag. Store contact details such as multiple phone numbers, home address, email address, social profile and more.

No Recharging

The NFC pet tag doesn’t need batteries to work. It only needs a tiny bit of energy from the smartphone to bring it to life. You don’t have ongoing battery costs.

No Special Devices

All you need to have is a smartphone with NFC that is enabled. NFC is native to Android. Apple users needs an app to read a multi recorded tag.

Additional information




Black, Blue, Green, Pink, Purple


30mm Diameter


Epoxy, PVC (Polyvinyl chloride)

Material Finish


Chip Type



Dual Split Rings

Preconfigure Data

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