poinTTag™ NFC Table Menu Tag 1pc

$6.21 inc. GST

  • poinTTag™ NFC Menu Tag allows your guests and customers to see or download your online menu by tapping the tag
  • Use at the table, front entry, host table, around your venue, reception area, accommodation rooms and many more
  • It’s our most affordable menu tag
  • Available in our original standard design or with table numbers
  • Save on printing cost when your old menus become grimy and dirty
  • Replace or use together with your printed menus
  • All in one table number model is both a menu tag and table number
  • Keeps your online menu up to date when using a webpage base menu (see programming methods below)
  • Rewritable and securable if you need to change the link
  • Designed, printed and assembled locally in our Northwest Sydney workshop
  • Need 100+ menu tags or custom design? Get In Touch


  1. A phone must have NFC and is turned on to use this tag.
  2. The material is durable. However, depending on use, cosmetic damage such as scratches, abrasions and material wear will show overtime.

Program single full protocol URL in the tags (example: https://abc.com.au)

Recommended for tags being programmed with data only (example: having your URL programmed in the tags for your order). Please DO NOT select this option, if there is no data being programmed in your tag. No further changes can be made with permanent lock option. Password lock allows you to make changes with a password. Password is your confirmed order number.

If you selected table number model, please type in the table numbers. Maximum of 3 characters only. Total number of table numbers MUST equal the order quantity. Separate table numbers with a comma (example: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5)


poinTTag™ NFC Table Menu Tag

Our poinTTag™ NFC table menu tag allows your guest to see or download your online menu. Program your menu URL link in the tag so people are directed to the online menu webpage after they tap. Use on tables, host table, around the venue, in rooms and wherever you want people to see your menu.

Colour Print

It's better with a little bit of colour.

Overlay Print Protection

Provides decent protection for the print.


Just the right specs to keep the tag is affordable.

Call To Action

The 'Tap Card' text lets people know what to do.


Available in 2 Models

Original Standard Design In A Frame

Original Standard Design In A Frame With Table Number

3 Ways To Program

Webpage URL Link

Program your online menu URL in the NFC Menu Tag. Update your webpage as your menu changes without reprogramming the tag. If your URL link changes, you need to reprogram the tag.

Download Menu Link

Program the direct URL link of your current menu in the NFC Menu Tag. You need to reprogram the tag, if your URL link changes.

Download Menu Using Wepage URL Link

Program the landing webpage where your online menu link can be downloaded by tapping a button. If your menu changes, update your menu link in the button, . There is no need to reprogram the tag because the webpage remains the same. If your landing webpage URL link changes, you need to reprogram the tag.

Additional information


A Frame, Table Numbers


54mm x 63mm x 30mm



NFC Chip Type



13.56 MHz (Mega Hertz)

Limiting Values

Input Current 40 mA (milliampere), Storage Temperature -55 to 125 Degrees


PVC (Polyvinyl chloride)


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