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Rigid NFC Tags


Most rigid NFC tags are made from PVC (poly vinyl chloride) plastic. It’s a proven durable material used across many industries. It tolerates a fair amount of stress such as bending. Increasing the thickness makes the tag stronger.


PVC comes in many sizes, shapes and additional surface finish. There are many stock sizes to choose from or to your needs. Shapes come in round, rectangular, square and custom. The surface can be additionally finished in epoxy for added durability.


Rigid tags are suitable for a variety of applications. This is because they are durable and come in many forms. These qualities makes them suitable for commercial applications. There are plenty of options for customisation to meet your needs.

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Plain Cards

Plain NFC cards are finished with a printing lamination layer. This layer produces artwork in good detail when using a card printer.

Plain Rigid Tags

These plain rigid tags are ideal for testing and includes a split ring.

Design Printed Rigid Tags

Our in house designed rigid tags are designed for a particular or variety of purposes. All tags includes a split ring so it’s ready to attach.

Use #7 Access Entry

Make it an access entry card

Use #8 V Card

Use it as a V Card

Use #9 Touch Points

Provide business touch points

Use #10 Loyalty Card

Use if for a loyalty program

Use #11 Identification Tag

Tag assets or belongings

Do you want your own logo or artwork on a rigid NFC tag?

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