Rigid NFC Tags

Rigid NFC tags are suitable for a variety of applications. This is because they are durable and come in many forms. Common shapes are round, rectangular, square and custom shapes. There are plenty of options for customisation to meet your needs such as hard epoxy surface finish or sticker form.

The common material used to make rigid tags are PVC and ABS plastic. These material are hard wearing and durable. This characteristics along with many options for customisation makes them suitable for many commercial, industrial and personal applications.

Labelling made simple. A selection of our plain NFC stickers and tags are finished with an Easy Mark (EM) surface. Simply use a ball point pen to label your tags! 

Plain Cards

Plain NFC cards are suitable for most card printers. Size is 85.5 x 54 x 0.86mm.

Custom Printing Available

Custom Printing Available

Custom Printing Available

Durable Tags

Durable tags are suitable for demanding environment and work conditions.


Easy on, easy off! Our semi rigid NFC magnets are a good solution for metal surfaces. They’re a good alternative to antimetal stickers. Easy mark surface makes labelling simple.

Custom Labels Available

Cable/Zip Tie Tags

Excellent for asset management!

ABS Key Tags

Functional and durable. Includes dual split ring.

Colours: Black, Green

Adhesive Backed Rigid NFC Tags

These rigid tags have an adhesive. They’re ideal for applications where extra durability  is needed. The special surface finish makes it easy to write on.

Custom Labels Available Soon

Custom Labels Available

Custom Labels Available

Plain Rigid Tags

These plain rigid tags are ideal for testing and concept proofing. Split ring is included.

Design Printed Rigid Tags

Our in house designed rigid tags are suitable for a variety of purposes. All tags include a split ring or metal cable so they’re ready to use.

Want your own logo or artwork on a NFC Rigid Tag?