Custom NFC Stickers

Custom NFC stickers are possibly the most versatile NFC tags. It comes in a wide range of sizes, shapes and types. Types range from common stickers, rigid stickers such as PVC and more specialised such as an industrial ABS plastic sticker. There are many additional options so a common sticker is customised to your application’s needs.

Plain Sticker​

The standard sticker comes in plain white or solid colour. Surface finishes are gloss, matte or frosted. It's not suitable on metal or carbon fiber surface. Ideal for application where branding is not important.

Custom Print

The popular choice when branding your own NFC stickers. The artwork is printed in full colour with no colour limits. Surface finish is gloss, matte or frosted. Add an antimetal layer so they work on most surface including metal.

Antimetal Stickers

Antimetal stickers are best when stickers or tags are going on metal or carbon fiber surface. It's the safe choice. They are thicker than standard stickers because of the antimetal layer. Available in different thickness.


Sticker are made from a variety of materials. The most common materials are paper, PET or PVC. PET and PVC stickers are the most durable. Most PET and PVC use a high grade plastic. 

Hard or Soft Base

Paper, PET and PVC materials are soft base which is the most common. The advantage with a soft base sticker is flexibility so they can wrap around curved surfaces. Hard base stickers use rigid

Resin Finish

A coating of hard or soft resin is available as a surface finish. Hard epoxy is best for rigid stickers and flexible resin for soft stickers. Resin provides protection while enhancing the appearance.

Codes & Serial Numbers

QR codes, serial numbers and barcodes are printable on stickers. It makes identification and tag management much easier.


We use 3M 467MP adhesive as standard. This provides good bonding on a variety of low energy surfaces.

Shapes & Sizes

The most common shapes and sizes are rounds, squares and rectangles. Custom shapes and sizes are also available.

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