Custom NFC Tags

Custom NFC tags are the way to go when you need special requirements. NFC tags come in many forms such as stickers, cable ties, wrist bands and many more. Most tags allow for customisation such a printing your business logo. A NFC tag’s ability to store useful information is what makes them special and functional.

A NFC tag has the ability to store various types of information. This information could be about your business, products and services. Program the tag with your business touch points such as contact details and website link so people get in touch more conveniently. There is so much potential in NFC tags. Why not explore it?

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Custom NFC Tags

Stick It.

Stickers are popular tags with many different options.

Custom NFC Tags

Attach It.

NFC magnets for fridges or metal surfaces.

Custom NFC Tags

Hang It.

Split ring, cable, plastic loop or zip tie keep your tags hanging on.

Custom NFC Tags

Wear It.

Flexible wristbands or PVC tag on textile make NFC wearable.

Custom NFC Tags

Add To It.

Use NFC inlays to add or combine with other promo products.

No Special Devices Needed

Interact with NFC tags using a phone with a NFC feature that is enabled.

Custome NFC Tags

What's The Application?

Your application decides which tags are suitable for the job. Each type of tag has its unique advantages and disadvantages.

What Are You Programming?

Knowing what is going to be programmed in the tag such as a website URL is important. It tells you the type of NFC chip you need for the application.

Customise It

There are plenty of options to choose from when you need a custom NFC tag. The number of options depends on the tag type and your needs.

Which NFC Chips Are Supported By Phones?

Most phones only support reading a small number of NFC chips. The common chip supported by most phones is the NTAG 213/215/216 series. Other chips may not be supported by your phone so please check the manufacturer's manual.

  • ISO15693 Chip: ICODE SLI (1Kb), SLI-X (1Kb), SLI-S (2Kb), SLI-L (512b)
  • ISO18000-3M3/ EPC Class-1 chip: ICODE ILT, ILT-M
  • Type 2: NTAG 213 (144 Bytes), NTAG 215 (504 Bytes), NTAG 216 (888 Bytes)
  • MIFARE Ultralight® EV1(48 Bytes) and C (148 Bytes)
  • Type 4: MIFARE® DESFire® EV1 2K, EV1 4K and EV1 8K
    (MIFARE DESFire are registered trademarks of NXP B.V. and are used underlicense)
  • MIFARE Classic®  (1K Bytes, 4K Bytes) and MIFARE Plus® (1K,2K,4K)

(MIFARE, MIFARE Classic and MIFARE Ultralight are trademarks of NXP B.V. and are used under license)