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How do NFC tags work?

NFC tags works by storing bits of information. These bits of information could be a website address, a dog owner’s contact details, a business phone number, a link to a restaurant menu, address of a local pub and many more.

Recalling the information is easy. You simply need a smartphone or device with an NFC feature. There is no need for a special app or codes to enter. NFC is part of a device’s hardware. All you have to do is tap the NFC tag to recall and interact with the information.

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NFC Ideas

Clever Idea For Richer Customer Experiences, Promotions or Merchandise

Make your next customer experience, branding activity, promotion or merchandise NFC enabled. They offer good value, are cost effective and simple to deploy. NFC tags are also a stand out, functional and a little different. Buy NFC tags online or get in touch for ideas!

Near Field Communication

What does it stand for?

NFC is short for Near Field Communication.

NFC is triggered when your smart phone is right beside a terminal or NFC tag. Tapping the terminal or tag is the most common way of interaction. You have absolute control over what you want to connect to.

Turn It On

Turn It On

Turning on or enabling NFC is easy.Simply go to your settings menu and look for the NFC option tab. Turn it on you’re ready to go.

NFC doesn’t need a lot of power and will not drain your battery. Keep it on for ongoing connectivity.

NFC Touch Point “Sweet Spot”

The Sweet Spot

The location of your phone’s NFC “sweet spot” or touch point varies by manufacturer. It is commonly found at the back or top of your phone. This is the best spot for interacting with an NFC tag.

The optimum read range is up to 10 cm.

N Mark

The N Mark

Look for the NFC mark. The NFC mark means that you can interact with it. Tapping the mark activates an action, transaction or experience. You will find the mark on devices with an NFC feature, apps supporting NFC and on a variety touchpoints in your physical environment.

NFC Tags Blog

The NFC tag application blog covers applications and anything NFC tag related.

Apple has announced that it will be supporting the reading of NFC tags for the iOS 11+ release in Autumn (Spring for us)! Link Here

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