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Connecting Made Simple with NFC Tags. We’re a small family owned and operated Australian business based in North West Sydney. We offer a growing range of in house designed, generic and custom made NFC tags for commercial or industrial use for the NFC tags Australia market. Our tags are good quality and affordable. An expanding range of custom NFC tags are manufactured locally in our small workshop. See our tag range or get in touch!

Custom NFC Food Ordering Tags

Make Food Ordering Simple For Your Guests

Custom NFC Cards

A Simple Way Of Connecting

Custom NFC Tags

Bespoke Solution For Your Application

NFC Tag Range

New Custom Range & TagsAvailable Soon!

NFC Phone Tags! A novel and simple way of connecting to people. New type available soon!

Featured NFC Tags

NFC Cable/Zip Tie

Ideal For Asset Management

Durable NFC Tag

Weatherproof ABS Tag

ABS Key Tags

Durable Material For Frequent Handling

Tag marking made simple. A selection of our plain NFC stickers and tags are finished with EasyMark™ (EM) surface. Simply use a ball point pen to mark your tags! 

Need A Sample Pack?

Our sample packs contain different NFC tags for testing your application. Most packs contain all the 3 NTAG chips to help you choose which is right for your application.

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NFC Chip

Knowing how much memory space is needed in your application is important because the right NFC chip saves you money. We mostly offer the NTAG2** series because they are widely supported by most smartphones.

Tag Form

NFC tags comes in a variety of forms. The most common are stickers and rigid tags made from durable PVC. Depending on the application, tags also come as fridge magnets, rings, laundry tags, wristband and many more.

Custom Tags

Have it your way! Use your custom design to be printed on NFC tags. Whether it is for promotion, branding, information touch point or asset identification, NFC tags are a good idea because they are different and functional.



1 A label attached to someone or something for the purpose of identification or to give other information.

VERB (tags, tagging, tagged)

[with object]

1 Attach a label to.

Made Simple 
With NFC Tags
Common Uses For NFC Tags

Information Source | Access Control | Network Connection | Asset Management | Gateway Point | Marketing | Product Authentication

NFC tags Australia work by storing little bits of information so it opens a world of convenience. The information could be a link to a website address, a YouTube video clip, a contact number, a downloadable restaurant menu, the location of a local pub or a whole bunch of other information type. The tag tells a smartphone what service or app to use to launch this information. You need a smartphone with an NFC feature. Make sure you turn it on and tap to open a world of convenience.

What Does It Stand For?

NFC is short for Near Field Communication. NFC triggers when a smartphone is right beside an NFC terminal or tag. Tapping the terminal or tag is the most common way of interaction. You have absolute control over what you want to connect to.

Turn It On

Turning on or enabling NFC is easy. Simply go to your smartphone’s settings menu and look for the NFC option tab. Turn it on you’re ready to go. It’s OK to keep it on for ongoing connectivity because NFC doesn’t need much power so it will not drain your battery.

The Sweet Spot

The location of your smartphone’s NFC “sweet spot” or antenna varies by manufacturer. It is commonly found at the back or top of your smartphone. This is the best spot for interacting with an NFC terminal or tag. The optimum read range is generally around 2cm.

The N Mark

Look for the NFC mark. It means that you can interact with it. Tapping it activates an action, transaction or experience. Find the mark on devices, products, objects and a variety of touch points in your physical environment so keep an eye out for the mark.

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