NFC Food Ordering Tags

Convenience Served®

Order Up! Our premium NFC food ordering tags or as we like to call them FOT are your ideal mobile food/table ordering companion. They are suitable for any restaurants, cafes, bars, clubs, venues, establishments and places where people find enjoyment that already have an existing mobile food ordering service in place. All it takes is a simple tap to make food ordering simpler for your guests.

On Demand Ordering

Your guests no longer have to wait in a queue or a waiter. They order when it's convenient for them at their table.

Extra Hand

Each FOT is your additional waiter that is always ready to take orders even when you're short staffed. Never miss out on an order!

Reduce Cost

Potentially decrease your labour, operational and replacement costs with each FOT. It's a small investment for a noticeable gain.

Long Service Life

Service life of the NFC chip is up to 10 years or 100'000 scan (at ambient temperature of 22° C). There are no on going costs!

Small Investment. Big Returns.

Let’s take conservative estimate of what a single FOT can earn in a restaurant or venue such as an RSL. Estimating there are 248 working days which excludes weekends and public holidays from a 365 day year. 2 serves/seating all day for lunch and dinner for 1 table.

Soft Drink @ $3
Hot Chips @ $6
Burger @ $15

Now Available

Ready to go FOT®. Simply choose your colour and program the tag. That's it! Your tags are ready to start taking orders. Available in 5 colours and 3 sizes.

Reverse Etch Smooth Model

A smooth & modern look Food Ordering Tag®

Easy Clean

The design is reverse etched behind high grade matte clear polymer. This makes cleaning easy.


The top layer material is UV stable polymer. It's suitable for both indoors and outdoors. 2 year colourfast guarantee.

Robust Design

Your simple design is reversed etched so it's fade resistant and won't wear off.


Available sizes are Ø75mm and Ø90mm diameter rounds. Custom sizes also available.


There is no print and layers are bonded with high quality adhesive which resist moisture ingress from spills.


Transparent Base Now Available

Let the base of your FOT® give a soft coloured glow.

Clear Transparent Base

Fluro Yellow Transparent Base

Fluro Orange Transparent Base

We make our food ordering tags a bit differently.

Good Build Quality

We make tags that are durable because we know the hospitality environment is unforgiving.

Exceptional Sensitivity

Our FOT® offer exceptional sensitivity* so diners are able to read the tag under their hand.

Extra Protection

FOT® are UV stable making them suitable for indoor and outdoor use witjh 2 years colour fast guarantee*.

Manufactured in NW Sydney

All FOT® models are made locally in our workshop in North West Sydney, Australia.

Want to make ordering convenient for your guests?