NFC Tags Melbourne Sample Pack

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  • Ideal for testing
  • Each pack contains a variety of different size NFC inlay stickers
  • Test for size and performance (read range and interaction area)
  • All inlays use NXP NTAG213 Chip which has 144 bytes of user memory
  • Not recommended on metal or carbon fiber surfaces
  • Rewritable and securable
  • You will need an NFC app/software to program the inlays
  • 3M adhesive for good bonding
  • Available in 2 different packs
  • Pack A contains common sizes (6 inlays)
  • Pack B contains common sizes plus large size stickers which has good performance (8 inlays)
  • Please read THIS BLOG if you are an Apple user

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NFC Tags Melbourne Sample Pack

The NFC Tags Melbourne sample pack is ideal for testing for a variety of applications.

Both packs contain a mixture of different size NFC inlay stickers.

Test for size and performance. When testing for performance, look at the read range and interaction. Read range is the distance between the NFC inlay and the phone’s NFC reader. Interaction area is the target area or antenna size. A larger antenna offers a bigger interaction area which may increase first time interaction rate.

You are able to read an inlay behind different type of materials and thickness except metal and carbon fiber.

These inlays are for testing on non metal or carbon fiber surface. If testing om these surfaces, you need the antimetal version.

The inlay are made from PET plastic.

Additional information

Chip Type



PET (Polyethylene terephthalate)

Antimetal Layer



13.56 MHz (Mega Hertz)


Ambient Temperature -25 to 70 Degrees, Input Capacitance 50.0 pF (picofarads), Input Frequency 13.56 MHz (megahertz), Retention Time Up To 10 Years at ambient temperature of 22 Degrees, Write Endurance Up To 100'000 Cycles at Ambient Temperature of 22 Degrees, Data Retention Up To 10 Years at Ambient Temperature of 22 Degrees, Read/Write Cycle Up To 100'000 at Ambient Temperature of 22 Degrees

Limiting Values

Input Current 40 mA (milliampere), Storage Temperature -55 to 125 Degrees

Sample Pack Type

Pack A, Pack B


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