Durable ABS NFC Tags NTAG215 10pcs

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  • Durable ABS NFC Tags
  • Use for indoor and outdoor application
  • Suitable for on metal or carbon fiber surface
  • Made from durable ABS plastic
  • It’s impact, abrasion and scratch resistant
  • 5mm center hole for mechanically fastening with a screw or nail
  • Small NFC text shows interaction opportunity
  • 3M adhesive
  • NXP NTAG215 Chip
  • Suitable on metal or carbon fiber surfaces
  • iPhone users, read THIS BLOG

Program single full protocol URL in the tags (example:

Recommended ONLY for tags being programmed with data (example: having your URL programmed in the tags for your order). If there is no data being programmed in your tag, DO NOT select this option. Use your password to make changes in the future. Password is your confirmed order number.



Durable ABS NFC tags NTAG215 is ideal for demanding environmental and work site conditions. These tags tolerate  environmental conditions such as prolonged sun exposure, cold and wet weather. They are impact, scratch, abrasion and dust resistant which are common at work sites.

Safe on metal and carbon fiber surface. The tag includes an antimetal layer which makes it work on these surfaces.

More ways to fasten it. There two ways to fasten this tag. One is to use the adhesive sticker. This adhesive is ideal for a wide range of substrates such as steel. Second is to mechanically fasten it with a screw or nail. The 5mm hole accommodates up to 8G screws. Use galvanised or stainless steel hardware for outdoors.

The right amount of memory for basic applications. It is perfect when used with online base resource such as launching a web base asset management system. It’s also ideal for basic text information such as serial numbers, product manufacture date and lot number.

Tag Characteristics For Durable NFC Tags NTAG215

NTAG213 chip available user memory is 504 bytes. It is able to store a URL link up to 490 characters or text up to 492 characters.

Antenna size is 25mm diameter.

5mm diameter center hole.

Approximately 6mm thick.

ABS plastic is suitable for indoor or outdoor use.

Surface finish is matte which is not shiny and reduces the appearance of surface scratches.

Additional information

Antenna Size

25mm Diameter

Antimetal Layer



Ambient Temperature -25 to 70 Degrees, Input Capacitance 50.0 pF (picofarads), Input Frequency 13.56 MHz (megahertz), Retention Time Up To 10 Years at ambient temperature of 22 Degrees, Write Endurance Up To 100'000 Cycles at Ambient Temperature of 22 Degrees

Chip Type



Black, Orange


ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene)

Material Finish



30mm Diameter


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