Emergency NFC Stickers 5/10pcs

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  • Special NFC sticker
  • Stores your essential emergency information
  • A call to action message prompts a person or an emergency responder of what to do when they see the sticker
  • The 000 emergency number is printed on the tag
  • Size is 40x25mm
  • The antimetal layer allows you to stick it on metal and carbon fiber surfaces
  • Large memory capacity
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Made from durable PVC
  • Original TagThose Design
  • We used the same colours as international standards for safety symbols (ISO3864)
  • Please read THIS BLOG if you are an Apple user

Program single full protocol URL in the tags (example: https://abc.com.au).

Recommended ONLY for tags being programmed with data (example: having your URL programmed in the tags for your order). If there is no data being programmed in your tag, DO NOT select this option. Use your password to make changes in the future. Password is your confirmed order number.


Emergency NFC Stickers

Our Emergency NFC Stickers are hopefully useful when poop hits the fan. We designed it so the person or paramedic responding in the emergency has the possibility to access your important information.

Important information about yourself in an emergency is useful. The sticker stores essential contact information such as next of kin, date of birth, allergies, medical conditions,  blood type or current medication you take. All* this information is available by interacting with the sticker.

The antimetal layer means you can stick it on metal and carbon fiber surfaces. Without the antimetal layer, the NFC sticker will not function because a smartphone is not able to read it.

*Android based phones show more information when compared to Apple phones for this special tag. Use an app to read NFC tags with Apple phones (model 7, 8, 10 and 11) to show all the information. Read our Apple blog HERE.

How The Emergency NFC Stickers NTAG216Rectangle Works

The sticker stores your emergency information. There are two options when it comes to storing this information. The first option is where we program your emergency information. This comes at a small fee and valid for only one set of data. Please get in touch, if there are more than one set of data. The second option is to do it yourself .

If you decide to let us  program the information. All we need is your essential information. The data will show in text format when the tag is tapped. Below are the most common information in case of an emergency. Don’t forget that you have complete control of what information is programmed in the tag.

  1. Language Input (English is default)
  2. Full Name (Example: Mia Velasquez)
  3. Birth Date (Example: 7 May 2017)
  4. Home address (Example: 123 Sunshine Street, MOREOFIT NSW 2697)
  5. Allergies, medications or special conditions (Example: Peanut Allergy, No medications and Coeliac)
  6. Blood Type (Example: AB0)
  7. Organ Donor (Example: YES)
  8. Additional Information
  9. Emergency Contact (Example: Parents or Partner)

Additional information

Antimetal Layer


Chip Type



PVC (Polyvinyl chloride)


5, 10


40mm (W) x 25mm (H)


Ambient Temperature -25 to 70 Degrees, Input Capacitance 50.0 pF (picofarads), Input Frequency 13.56 MHz (megahertz), Retention Time Up To 10 Years at ambient temperature of 22 Degrees, Write Endurance Up To 100'000 Cycles at Ambient Temperature of 22 Degrees


13.56 MHz (Mega Hertz)


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