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eTTa™ poinTTag™ NFC Review Stand 1 unit

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  • Our eTTa ™ poinTTag™ NFC Review stand lets your customers or guests have a say in their experience by simply tapping the tag
  • Multipurpose designs which can be used across industries such as accomodation, retail, restaurants, venues and many more
  • Use at point of sale, reception, tables, around the venue, accommodation rooms, store front and many more
  • The design is etched in rather than printed so it resists fade and wear while giving the tag aesthetic depth
  • Rewritable and securable if you need to change the link
  • Large 90x90mm NFC core has excellent read range and wide NFC interaction area increases first time interaction rate
  • The tag is mounted on a premium matte finish acrylic bi-fold stand which is folded in our workshop
  • Fold angle of the stand makes interacting comfortable so visitors don’t need to hold their phone in an awkward angle
  • The tag is removable so it can be unmounted and temporarily moved to where you need it
  • UV stable material makes it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Available in a variety of colours
  • Designed and manufactured locally in our Northwest Sydney workshop


  1. Tag images are for colour reference. Please check you are ordering the right colour.
  2. A phone must have NFC and is turned on to use this tag.
  3. The material is durable. However, depending on use, cosmetic damage such as scratches, abrasions and material wear will show overtime.
  4. FET models are recommended for vertical use only such as walls or mount
  5. See model recommendations below.
  6. Colours may look different when viewed on different device display
  7. Metallic colours look may look different when viewed from different angles and light source

Bifold stand in a premium matte finish which is folded in our workshop. 2 available colours.

Add a fluro transparent acrylic base.

Select the tag header.

Use your own tag header. Type your text below. 1 line of text only. Longer text reduces the overall height of the text.

Program single full protocol URL in the tags (example:

DO NOT select this option, if there is no data being programmed in your tag. There is no need to secure unrecorded tags. Password lock allows you to change the data in the future. Password is your confirmed order number.


eTTa ™ poinTTag™ NFC Review Stand

Our eTTa ™ poinTTag™ NFC review stand is deal for letting customers or guest write a review on their experience. Program your review URL in the tag so when people are directed to the review page when they tap.

Quality Build

We build our tags using high grade materials.

Modern 2 Colour Tone

The surface is a solid colour. Etched elements are a different colour to create a nice contrast. It's a modern tag.


Model A material is made from durable polymer. It's UV stable and weatherable.

Resistant Design

Etched in design so it's fade and wear resistant.

Long Life

The NFC chip has a life of up to 10 years or up to 100'000 scans (at 22° C).


Currently available in 1 Model

Front Etch Tag - Standard Colour

Our front etch tag model. Available in a variety of colours. Recommended for vertical application such as wall or POS mounts. Suitable for outdoors. UV stable material. 5 years colourfast guarantee in a reasonable outdoor location.

Additional information






SC Black On Gold, SC Black On Yellow, SC Crimson Red On White, SC Kelley Green On White, SC Sapphire Blue On White, SC Yellow On Black, SC White On Blue, SC White On Black, SC White On Gold, SC White On Pine, SC White On Red, FW Cinnamon On White, FW Cashew On Black, FW Kona On White, FM-EXT Charcoal On White, FM-INT Bronze On White, FM-INT Euro Gold on Black, FM-INT Rose Gold on Black

Base Type


Antimetal Layer


NFC Chip Type



13.56 MHz (Mega Hertz)

Limiting Values

Input Current 40 mA (milliampere), Storage Temperature -55 to 125 Degrees




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