TagThose Special NFC Tags

Our selection of special NFC tags are designed to perform a single task. These variety of tags carry out task such as mobile food ordering, checking in a guest at a venue, calling a community service phone number and many more.  These tags are all original TagThose designs with the purpose of making small tasks a little more convenient. 


Order Up! Our food ordering tags lets your guests order food with their mobile. Use them on tables, for room service or wherever your guests dine at the venue. You need an existing mobile food ordering solution to make use of these tags. Don’t have one? Let us know so we connect you with a partner! 

FOTs come in a few types. The design and chip type are difference between each one. Our prima round FOT is beautifully finished and use the NTAG216 chip. The maxi FOT is visibly large with excellent read range and uses the NTAG213 chip. Both FOTs base are rigid with the reliable 3M adhesive.

Simple designs. We used common icons and a numbering cue so your guest understands the process. Easy as 1, 2 and 3! We also created a design that doesn’t include the payment step. This design is suitable for room service or where payment is made by the guest when checking out.



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Please check in! These tags lets your guests check in to your venue with a tap. Use for guest accommodation, register diners for contact tracing and many more.

Straight to the point design.  A call to action, common icons and large text makes this tag easy to spot.

Check in tag comes in a single universal design. Colour options are orange and white. It uses the widely supported NTAG213 which allows you program a URL with up to 132 characters. The entire back is covered with the reliable 3M adhesive. The thick base and protective layer makes it a durable tag.

Special NFC Tags
NTAG213 Chip


We designed these tags to connect to a variety of useful information for particular situations. The inspirational spark came from wanting to make connecting more simple when we came across each unique situation.

Customer Interaction

These are designed to store specific business touch points or content. The call to action message is simple and clear so people who interact with it know what to expect. Stickers are 40mm in diameter which is are more noticeable when compared to smaller stickers. The large antenna size also increase the read range of the tags.

More Info, Play Video, Download, Get In Touch, NFC

In An Emergency​

This is designed to store a person’s emergency information. Information such as a person’s known allergies, next of kin contact details and many more is stored in the tag. It is ideal to stick on helmets, vehicles, backpacks, bicycles, skis, snowboards or other things where it is useful. Stick it on most surfaces including metal and carbon fiber.

Universal Design

Reach Out

These stickers make calling Australian community services more simple. Depending on your phone, simply tap so it dials the number automatically or select the phone service to make the call. The tags have the service’s phone number programmed in the tag. Stick them on vehicles, caravans, noticeboard, kitchen or areas where they are needed.

Easier Reordering

Sticker is designed to make reordering of products or perhaps services. Simply program the product or service website link in the tag. As an alternative or combination, add a sales phone number or preconfigured email. Sticker is antimetal so it can go on metal surfaces such as product or warehouse shelves.

Not Lost Property

A tag to tag your belongings. Everyone hates to lose their belonging specially when they have value. This sticker is designed for this reason. It has enough space to include your contact details such as a phone, email and residential address. There is plenty of gap in the centre to write your name.

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