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Google NFC Review KeyTag 1/5/10pcs

$18.99$164.52 inc. GST

  • Our NFC Google Review now comes as a keytag
  • Take it with you everywhere!
  • Makes sharing your Google review link easier. Just tap!
  • Engraved design resists wearing and fading
  • Made from durable two colour tone textured industrial polymer which resist finger prints, grime and grease
  • Lightweight means less to carry around
  • Currently available in 3 colours
  • Optional QR code on one side (additional cost)
  • TagThose branded carabiner makes detaching the tag easier for faster sharing
  • Suitable for agencies because the keytag is unbranded
  • Made locally in our Northwest Sydney workshop


  1. Tag images are for colour reference. Please check you are ordering the right colour.
  2. We refer to the attachment hole as the eye.
  3. A phone must have NFC and is turned on to use this tag.
  4. The material is durable. However, depending on use, damage such as scratches, abrasions and material wear will show overtime.
  5. Colours may look different when viewed on different device display
  6. No returns or refunds on custom orders. Please make sure data such as URL link is accurate and tag colour are correct when placing the order.
  7. Estimated lead time is between 6-8 working days for QR code customisation
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We engrave a QR code on one side (right eye). Type in QR Code link in full protocol (example: Standard design only. No custom QR code design.

Program single full protocol URL in the tags (example: or phone number (example: 0479123456)

DO NOT select this option, if there is no data being programmed in your tag. There is no need to secure unrecorded tags. Password lock allows you to change the data in the future. Password is your confirmed order number.


eTTa™ Google NFC Review KeyTag

Our eTTa™ Google NFC Review KeyTag makes sharing you Google review link much simpler. All its taks is a simple tap gesture. Program your Google review URL and it’s ready for use.

Duo Colour Tone

2 tone colour for modern look.


Made from industrial polymer. Engraved design resists fading or wearing away.

No Ongoing Costs

There are NO subscription, signing up for a service & batteries to change.

Easy Detach

Our TT carabiner makes detaching the tag easy for faster sharing.


Weigths approxiamtely 12g!

Long Life

The NFC chip has a life of up to 10 years or 100'000 scans (at 22° C).

Do you have questions, need a full customised key tag or higher quantity?

Minimum order quantity and fees apply.

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TEX White On Black, TEX Black On White, TEX Yellow On Black

Chip Type



1, 5, 10





Material Finish



Carabiner, Split Ring


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