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eTTa™ doTTag™ NFC Phone Tag 1-10pcs

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  • NFC Phone doTTag™ makes sharing a variety of information simpler such sharing social media pages, websites, phone number & more
  • Small Ø25mm size with big functionality!
  • Made from our thinnest and one of the most durable 2 tone laminate
  • Tag profile is just under 0.8mm!
  • Available colours are white on black and black on white
  • Letter is in upper case only (ABC…)
  • Etched in so it resists fading and wearing
  • Our T2 antimetal layer makes a slim profile
  • 3M Adhesive for good adhesion
  • Matte finish
  • Reprogrammable
  • Available in 2 types of NFC chip:
    • NXP NTAG213 (144 bytes user memory) allows for up to 2 types of records
    • NXP NTAG216 (888 bytes user memory) allows multiple records. Select this chip for vCard application.
  • Manufactured in our Northwest Sydney workshop
  • Price is only for the tag. Phone(s) and any other item(s) shown in the images are not included.


  1. Program the phone tag first
  2. Make sure you stick it on the right place:
    • Check where your phone’s NFC antenna is located. Stick it as far as possible from the antenna.
    • iPhone antenna is located at the top. Android is somewhere on the middle to lower back.
    • Test the spot before sticking. If you turn your phone on and it reads the tag, pick a new spot.
  3. iPhones at this time can’t read phone tags programmed as vCard natively. The alternative to service both iPhone and Android users is to provide a URL where they can download your contact information.
  4. The phone tag material is one of our thinnest and one of the most durable. However, depending on use, cosmetic damage such as scratch and abrasion marks will show overtime.

Please type in the alphabet letter(s) you want. For higher order quantity, please type quantity followed by the letter. Example: 3 x A, 2 x B, 3 x C, 1 x D, 1x E. Number of alphabet must equal the order quantity.

Program single full protocol URL in the tags (example: or phone number (example: 0479123456)

Recommended ONLY for tags programmed with data only (example: having your URL programmed in the tags for your order). Please DO NOT select this option, if there is no data being programmed in your tag. Password lock allows you to make changes with a password. Password is your confirmed order number.


NFC Phone Tag

Make sharing information simple by using NFC Phone Tag. Simply program the tag with the information you want to share. All it takes is a tap to share the information.

Made from Durable Polymer

We use ultra thin 2 tone laminate so the tag has a very thin profile.


A phone goes through a lot of handling. The material resists scratching and abrasions. However, overtime and depending on use, scratches and abrasion marks will appear.

Locally Made

Our eTTa™ doTTag™ phone tags are made in North West Sydney. Support local!


Need to change the data? The NFC chip is reprogrammable as long as you haven't permanently secured it. Want to know how? See our programming guide by clicking the icon.

Long Service LIfe

Service life of the NFC chip is up to 10 years or 100'000 scan (at ambient temperature of 22° C).

No On Going Cost

There are no on going costs. There are no batteries to replace.

Not all data types are supported by iPhones

iPhones at this time can't read phone tags programmed as vCard natively. The alternative to service both iPhone and Android users is to provide a URL link to the contact information. To see supported iPhone data, please click the icon above to read our blog.

Do you have questions, need higher quantity or buying for an organisation?

Additional information

Chip Type

NTAG213, NTAG216


Duo Colour Tone Polymer, Polymer Composite


25mm Diameter

Antimetal Layer

T2 Grade

Material Finish



SC Black On White, SC White On Black


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