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eTTa™ Faux Metallic NFC Tags 10pcs

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  • eTTa ™ Faux Metallic NFC tags for applications where a metal or premium look is desired
  • Ideal for sharing social media pages, websites, phone number & more
  • Made from durable and rigid 2 colour tone material
  • EXTERNAL grade is suitable for outdoor use (UV stable)
  • INTERNAL grade is for indoor use only
  • Design is etched in rather than printed giving the tag depth while being fade resistant
  • 3M adhesive for an excellent hold
  • Available in a variety of faux metallic colours
  • Designs include directional wayfinding mark (D-WFM), instructional wayfinding mark (I-WFM) and solid colour (no design)
  • NTAG213 Chip (144 bytes user memory) allows for up to 2 types of records such as URL and phone number
  • Manufactured locally in our Northwest Sydney workshop

NOTE: eTTa™ faux metallic NFC tags look different depending on the light source and angle.



Program single full protocol URL in the tags (example: or phone number (example: 0479123456)

Recommended for tags being programmed with data only (example: having your URL programmed in the tags for your order). Please DO NOT select this option, if there is no data being programmed in your tag. No further changes can be made with permanent lock option. Password lock allows you to make changes with a password. Password is your confirmed order number.

Add a grade T2 antimetal (Ø25mm & Ø30mm) or T3 (Ø40mm) layer so your tags can be read on metal and carbon fiber surfaces.


eTTa ™ Faux Metallic NFC Tags

Our eTTa ™ faux metallic NFC tags are modern and durable for a variety of applications where a metal or premium look is desired.

Modern 2 Colour Tone

The surface is a solid colour or design. Etched elements are a different colour to create a contrast. It's modern tag.


The material is made from durable polymer. External tags are UV stable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Resistant Design

The design is etched in rather than printed so it's fade resistant and won't wear off.

Long Life

The NFC chip has a life of up to 10 years or 100'000 scan (at 22° C).

Design Options For eTTa™ Faux Metallic NFC Tags

Directional Wayfinding Mark D-WFM

The design lets people know where to tap.

Instructional Wayfinding Mark I-WFM

A guided design for unfamiliar people without NFC experience.

Solid Colour Design

A simple solid colour design.

Additional information


External, Internal


25mm Diameter, 30mm Diameter, 40mm Diameter


D-WFM, I-WFM, Solid

Faux Metal Type

EXTERNAL 8G Copper on Black, EXTERNAL 8G Stainless Steel on Black, INTERNAL 8G Aluminium on Black, INTERNAL 8G Gold Euro on Black, INTERNAL 8G Rose Gold on Black, INTERNAL 8G Silver Brush on Black

Base Type


Antimetal Layer



13.56 MHz (Mega Hertz)

Limiting Values

Input Current 40 mA (milliampere), Storage Temperature -55 to 125 Degrees


PMMA, PET (Polyethylene terephthalate)

NFC Chip Type



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