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NFC Key Tag 1/5/10pcs

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  • eTTa™ NFC key tag makes sharing information simpler
  • Store information such as a phone number, link to your website and more
  • Design is etched in so its resistant to wearing and fading
  • Made from two colour tone industrial grade polymer which resist finger prints, grime and grease
  • Currently available in 4 colours
  • Available models are TagThose branded letter only with NFC way finding mark in Pisa Square or Water Drop shape
  • Optional NXP NTAG216 chip which has more memory (suitable for multi record tag or vCard application)
  • Carabiner attachment makes detaching the tag easy for faster sharing
  • Reprogram it when your information changes (Requires an NFC App)
  • Design & Made in Northwest Sydney


  • Sold as SINGLE letter only tag (no customisation)
  • Need a name customisation? Check our custom NFC key tag HERE
  • A phone with NFC technology is needed to read and program tags. NFC must be turned on to function. It is commonly found under ‘connectivity’ in settings. If you can’t find it, please refer to your phone user manual on how to enable NFC.
  • The key tag material is one of our most durable. However, depending on use, cosmetic damage such as scratch, abrasion and material wear will show overtime.

Please type in the letter you want. NO name customisation. For higher order quantity, please type quantity followed by the letter. Example: 3 x A, 2 x B, 3 x C, 1 x D, 1x E. Number of letters must equal the order quantity.

Program single full protocol URL in the tags (example: or phone number (example: 0479123456)

Recommended ONLY for tags programmed with data only (example: having a website programmed in the tag). DO NOT select this option, if there is no data being programmed. Password lock allows you to make changes in the future. Password is your confirmed order number.


eTTa™ NFC Key Tag

Our eTTa™ NFC key tag packs a lot of functionlality. Make sharing information easier by a simple tap gesture. Program a website or particular web page, phone number, location amd so much more.

Key Tag Benefits

Duo Colour Tone

Available in a 2 tone colour material which creates a good contrast. Currently 4 colours to choose from.


Made from industrial grade polymer for durability. Etch in letter and graphics so it resists fading or wearing away.

No Ongoing Costs

There is no monthly subscription to pay. There is no signing up for a service. No batteries to change.

Easy Detach

The split ring and carabiner makes detaching the tag easy so you can share faster.


It's a lightweight key tag.

Long Life

The NFC chip has a life of up to 10 years or up to 100'000 scan (at 22° C).

Do you have questions or need a full customised key tag?

Additional information


Pisa Square, Water Drop


TEX White On Black, TEX White On Blue, TEX White On Red, TEX Yellow On Black

Chip Type

NTAG213, NTAG216


1, 5, 10





Material Finish



Carabiner, Split Ring


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