NFC Key Tag

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  • Stores your contact information when your keys gets lost
  • It’s a versatile tag. It can be used for other personal belongings such as bags.
  • Large memory capacity. Allows you to write plenty of information.
  • Finished from durable PVC (Polyvinyl chloride) material
  • There is no need for a special device, app or codes to enter to read a tag. You simply need an NFC enabled smartphone.
  • It’s reprogrammable. It allows you to update information whenever you need to. (Requires an NFC app)
  • Split ring attachment
  • Designed in Sydney
  • Apple users will need an app to read NFC tags. Our current knowledge, at this time, is that Apple users are not able to write information in NFC tags via a mobile app
  • Do you need to have information preconfigured? Get in touch




NFC Key Tag

This NFC key tag is functional and versatile. Its key function is the personal identification of a person’s keys if they get lost. The use can be extended to other personal belongings such as kids’ school bags, hand bag or an office day pack.

The large memory space allows you to write many ways of contacting you. You can include your mobile and landline phone number as well as others. You can also include an email address and social media contact. In addition, you can add a custom text message to the finder. The message could say how important the personal belonging is or give them an incentive when it is returned.


The key tag is a versatile product. It can be used on other personal or work belongings such as childrens’ school bag, hand bag, office backpack or a marquee tent for events or market days.

Large Memory Space

The NFC key tag has a large memory space. It will allow you to write more information compared to other chip types such as the NTAG213. This is helpful when you want to store a variety of information.

Tap To Recall

A tap is all it takes to recall the stored information. You simply need a smartphone with an NFC feature and make sure that it is enabled. There is no need to download or to open an app. There are no codes to enter.

It Is Reprogrammable

The tag is reprogrammable. You can rewrite new information. This makes it convenient when information changes. All you need is to download a NFC tool app to write new information.

Additional information

Chip Type



57mm (Width) x 30mm (Height)


PVC (Polyvinyl chloride)


1, 5, 10, 20


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